Criminal Record Reform

Increasing access to jobs, education, and housing.

We partner with HR services, employers, community organizers, legal aid organizations, and government agencies to help automate the qualification and processing of criminal record expungements.

Millions are left out

Criminal records block employment, housing, and educational opportunities, leaving an estimated 70 to 100 million people out of the workforce. Tens of millions of people are eligible to clear or change their criminal record, but until now the process has been complicated, costly, and time intensive.

Our solution

We leverage cutting-edge technology to automate the qualification and processing of criminal record expungements to create a quick, reliable, and affordable solution. We achieve wide-scale impact by partnering with key organizations that touch thousands of lives.

A Proven Path

Expungements offer a concrete way for employers to expand their applicant pool, while improving overall community safety. For the individual, studies show an average wage increase of 25% within 2 years of having their criminal record expunged.


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